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Pelvic Floor Specialists

Pelvic Floor Specialist


By: Ria Mazumdar

What is pelvic floor therapy?

With 1 in 3 women living with urinary incontinence in the United States, pelvic health and wellness is a vitally important issue. Although someone experiencing an involuntary loss of bladder control may feel embarrassed to seek treatment, a number of solutions are available. Among them, pelvic floor therapy can be an effective way to strengthen the pelvic muscles and improve bladder control through safe stretches, exercises, and other measures. 

Who does pelvic floor therapy serve?

Pelvic floor therapy can help both many and women suffering from a variety of issues caused by a weak pelvic floor. One of the most common is urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence may have a variety of different causes and related conditions, ranging from obesity to Parkinson’s. There are four different types of incontinence, and a specialist may be able to help you manage the triggers of your specific type. However, pelvic floor therapy can also help both men and women dealing with issues aside from incontinence, including vaginismus. If incontinence, pelvic pain, or other symptoms are interfering with your day-to-day-life, seeking treatment is strongly encouraged from a pelvic floor specialist who may be able to help you safely alleviate or eliminate symptoms. 

How does pelvic floor therapy work?

A specialist can help provide holistic care and manage symptoms that don’t go away after simple lifestyle changes. Pelvic floor therapy may include multiple treatments, such as physical exercises, palpation and addressing other potential contributing factors. A specialist can also guide you through preventative care measures, such as exercising, monitoring fluid intake, and taking care of your skin. A pelvic floor therapist can often help you develop strategies and talk through the day to day steps to mitigate bladder leaks as well. 

How can I find a pelvic floor therapy specialist near me?

If you’re considering pelvic floor therapy, this directory of specialists can help you find a professional near you. Additionally, this resource library provides information on UI, how to use incontinence products, and various treatments options. Remember that each person’s body is different; while exercise may be sufficient treatment for some, others may require nerve stimulators, medications such as topical estrogen, or surgery. However, pelvic floor therapy can help you manage your symptoms while tackling root causes at the same time.

Where can I get pelvic health supplies near me?

Unfortunately, period products are not effective at securely absorbing urine. However, products specifically designed to absorb urine can help you manage bladder leaks comfortably if that is a symptom of pelvic floor weakness that you are managing. From discreet liners to powerfully absorbent briefs, you can find something that suits your lifestyle and the level of protection you need.

Your insurance may cover incontinence supplies as well, so be sure to check your plan’s offerings and maintain records of receipts. Specifically FSA and HSA are able to cover most supplies and can be charged like a credit card using on online incontinence supplies stores. Ask your doctor to make sure you are using the product that is right for you. 

Pelvic floor therapy and the guidance of a trained specialist can give you the peace of mind that your course of treatment is safe, effective, and right for your unique body. There should be no shame in seeking treatment - professional help and products are available for you to live a full and active life.


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