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7 Simple Steps to Retraining Your Bladder

How to Retrain Your Bladder

Leaking when you workout or even if you laugh, sneeze or cough? We caught up with Dr. Barabra Frank, our favorite Boston-based OB/GYN, to learn how to get your bladder back on track. Here’s what she shared:

Keep a diary of what you drink, when you pee, and if you leak. This will help you pinpoint bladder leak triggers.

Decrease fluid intake. Aim for 64 oz or less per day.

Steer clear of bladder irritants like coffee, tea, soda, and alcohol.

Put your bladder on a schedule by attempting to go every 2-3 hours. 

Sit down when you pee. Hovering can prevent you from emptying your bladder completely.

Take it slow. Rushing to relieve yourself can prevent you from emptying your bladder completely.

Limit fluids before bedtime. This can prevent interrupted sleep and overnight leaks.

                  If you try these steps and you’re still experiencing leakage, you may want to visit a doctor to discuss treatment options.  And, remember—you’re not alone or out of options.