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Your Urogynecological Health at Every Age.

What is Urogynecology

In honor of Women’s Health Week, we sat down with our Medical Advisors to get their top tips for managing your urogynecological health at every age.

30’s Muscle up! Start doing your kegel exercises if you haven’t already. Your pelvic floor has done a lot of work for you already, so give back to it.

40’s Regularly check in on your overall health. Be mindful of weight gains/losses, evaluate medications and/or supplements you take regularly, and make any needed adjustments to your exercise regimen and diet. Your pelvic health needs full body and mind cooperation.

50’s Embrace menopause and arm yourself with information that can help you feel your best. Low estrogen in the vagina can cause some annoying symptoms like burning, itching, and painful sex. There are options for treatment of these and many other symptoms, so make sure you talk to your gynecologist or primary care physician.

60’s Monitor your fluid intake. Don’t drink too much caffeine or alcohol and avoid drinking fluids before bedtime. Leaking urine is common but not something you need to hide and there are often treatments that can help manage your symptoms.

70+ Take care of your skin. Using a pH balanced wipe and a barrier cream or ointment can help with any irritation.

The takeaways:

- Be mindful of how your body is evolving over time.

- Educate yourself on how to best care for your body at different stages.

- Know that even small adjustments to your daily routines can make a powerful difference to your overall health.

- Work closely with your doctors to ensure you are addressing your changing needs.