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Real Talk with Kemma: Ultimate Pad Development

Real Talk with Kemma: Ultimate Pad Development - Attn:Grace

We’re launching something new! Here to give us a behind-the-scenes peek at our newest pad is our favorite Customer Experience Associate, Kemma.

Hi Kemma! What’s new?

A lot! We are coming out with our Ultimate Pad, which I am so excited about. When we launched last year, we did so with a limited assortment, and now it is time to expand! When we launched we knew that:

- Women were looking for our products, after-all 1-in-3 adult women experience bladder leaks.

- Women are interested in sustainably designed products, especially ones that are thinner and more flattering, one that speaks to their values in addition to superior absorption of unwelcome leaks.

We knew you all were out there and we were excited to see how you responded to our products — and boy did you respond! With the love and support of our amazing community we have grown immensely and are ready to launch our next product. (And hot tip: the Ultimate Pad is just the first thing on our list, stay tuned for more new products coming up soon!)

Tell us about the Ultimate Pad.

It is our most absorbent pad yet! It’s 15.7 inches long and holds up to 1.6 cups of liquid, which still blows my mind considering it is still ultra thin. It has already been tested and women-approved by some especially generous community members, and it is already receiving a lot of love — which is incredibly exciting as this is our first new pad, post our initial launch.

How would women know if the Ultimate Pad is right for them?

This pad is both longer and more absorbent than our Heavy Pad. If you are looking for extra length, this is for you. Looking for more absorbency? This is for you. Looking for something easier to change than a brief? This is for you. All of those factors make it an ideal overnight pad, but it’s still thin enough for daytime use as well if you need that extra protection on the go. 

When will the Ultimate Pad be available for purchase?

You can pre-order it right now on our site here, and it will be available to ship the week of July 18th. Be sure to look out for emails and follow us on Facebook or Instagram to learn about launch promotions and purchase details. If you want to be on our dedicated Ultimate Pad email list feel free to email us at

You mentioned there are other products coming soon. What’s next?

I don’t want to give too much away, as the surprise is half the fun of it, but we are going to be doing some limited releases of new products later in the summer (fingers crossed!). They will be summer-time worthy products, and amazing compliments to our existing collection. Be sure to stay tuned on email, Facebook, and Instagram as we will be announcing their arrival there. However, inventory will be limited so I would recommend subscribing or following so that you can be sure you can check them out before they run out!


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