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Real Talk With Kemma 2

Real Talk With Kemma 2 - Attn:Grace

The people have spoken, and who are we to argue? Last month’s Real Talk with Kemma was one of our most popular posts ever! So we’re, once again, passing the mic to our favorite Customer Experience Associate to tap her unique perspective from the front lines as she supports thousands of women with bladder leaks, and to learn more about what happens in her world.

Q. Kemma, you talk to a lot of women about “the absorption myth”. Tell us, what does that mean?

A. Yes! There is rampant false advertising surrounding absorption. Women will come to me and tell me that a competitive brand advertised sky-high absorption numbers, but the pad still leaked. I explain to them that, first of all, absorption and retention are totally different things. Companies will advertise that their products ‘absorb’ huge amounts of liquid, say 4 cups. However, sometimes this is a clever bit of wordplay, because though the product may initially ‘absorb’ 4 cups of liquid, it won’t necessarily ‘retain’ that much liquid...In other words, the pad sort of spits the liquid back out which means the top layer ends up wet and can end up leaking. At Attn: Grace, when we say, for instance, that our briefs absorb 2.5 cups, that means that they will both absorb and then retain that same amount of fluid. This is critical to keeping you dry, keeping liquid away from your skin, and preventing irritation, leaks, and odor. Women should be sure to keep this in mind as you are trying products and evaluating performance claims to help ensure that you get the best product for your specific needs.

Q. Our brand and product tends to attract many eco-conscious customers. Do you have any pro-tips for how to shop more mindfully?

A. great deal of our customers use one or two packs of our products per month, and so they generally sign up for one shipment of one or two packs of product to be shipped to them monthly. However, if you have the room to store more than a month’s worth of products, and it otherwise works for you to order in bulk, you can double up to save packaging, decrease transport frequency and so on. Even these small steps to minimize our carbon footprints make a difference and are a little kinder to our earth all around. Plus, getting fewer shipments means less variability in delivery, less possible weather or Covid-related delays etc., ensuring you always have the products you need when you need them.

Q. Since we last chatted, what conversation have you been having most with customers?

A. I’ve been taking a lot of women through what auto-renew means. Some customers are worried that it’s unchangeable or that it locks you in. This isn’t the case. Our auto-renew comes with 10% off and free shipping on all orders, it’s objectively the best deal - so I recommend it to the women I talk to, because I want them to get that discount! Everyone else is taking advantage of it, so why shouldn’t you? However, some people get scared of the idea of ‘auto-anything’ -- they think it's a monthly subscription they have to ‘commit’ to, but that isn’t true. Auto-renew is totally customizable to your schedule, and you can pause or skip it at any time. I have some women who get their pads every 2 weeks, some women who just want a pack headed their way every 6 months, and sometimes they even skip those orders when they get the upcoming shipment notification - because they use products so infrequently. Auto-renew is there to make your life more convenient, not to obligate you to buy products you don’t want or need. This may come as a surprise - but we ALSO don't want you to be receiving products you don’t need and will just throw away. That’s a waste for everyone involved, including our planet!

Q. What haven’t we asked, Kemma? Is there anything else you’d like to share?

A. I’d love women to know that if they need help or they need products, please don’t be shy, give me a call or text me (no one ever texts!). I know that is easier said than done. Recently, one woman even admitted to me that she often tells sales people she is ordering for her mother instead to avoid admitting she is managing her own incontinence. I’ve heard of women buying period products in stores just so the sales clerk won’t think they have incontinence. Even though one-in-three women over the age of 18 leak, we are still a long way away from this being an issue women can speak about openly. Heck, menopause is barely talked about and it’s something all of us will experience at one point or another . I digress… In the meantime, please, let’s get you the products that you need to feel confident continuing to live your active life, a life that is not defined by incontinence. You are not an ‘incontinent person’ you are a person who happens to be living with incontinence. Women often write in and tell me how the right incontinence product has allowed them to finally feel free to live their life normally again. How they finally feel confident again. If you are reading this and still feel like this condition is preventing you from living your best life, know you deserve to, let’s get you the right products.

You’re the best, Kemma. Thanks for all that you do -- on behalf of our team and all our customers.