We are committed to a world in which women are seen & celebrated.


…that we don’t fade into flat, two-dimensional characters as we age. Quite the contrary! We are living robust, interesting, reinvented lives. We are here to offer you products that work with you and your lifestyle.

…that wellness and wellbeing matter more than ever. Our standards are high and deserve to be met! We are dedicated to providing beautifully designed, body-and-earth friendly wellness solutions for our changing needs as we age — even the ones we’d sometimes rather not talk about.



Thoughtfully-designed products that perform to the highest standards

Impeccable customer support, grounded in warmth, empathy & helpfulness

An unwavering commitment to minimizing our impact on the environment

A seat at our table to share your needs and how we might better serve them

We’re so glad you’re here.

Our Commitment