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Why Zinc Oxide Barrier Cream

Why Zinc Oxide Barrier Cream

Why zinc oxide barrier cream

Zinc oxide is an ingredient commonly used in skincare products due to its natural healing properties for irritated skin. It is a very safe topical protectant that also serves as an effective antiseptic for cuts and burns. Zinc particles act as a strong shield in the zinc oxide barrier cream, protecting the outer layer of the skin from moisture and unwanted bacteria. This is also useful for rashes, and can be particularly beneficial for people experiencing an incontinence rash. Zinc oxide is also useful for sun protection, as it naturally deflects UV rays. Attn: Grace’s All Natural Barrier Cream contains zinc oxide mixed with kaolin clay to create an ultra protective barrier and promote rapid healing. In addition to its powerful healing potential for wounds, zinc oxide can help your skin achieve a healthy glow by drying out excess oil and combating acne and inflammation.

What is barrier cream?

A vital part of your skincare routine, a barrier cream is applied onto the skin to maintain and strengthen the physical barrier between your skin and potential irritants. Irritants can be skin-on-skin contact like chafing, chafing that is caused by clothing, undergarments, menstrual or incontinence products, or by excessive moisture from sweat, and so on. It is also used to moisturize deeply and restore dry, cracked, or irritated skin. The skin’s moisture barrier can be affected by a variety of factors, including diet, alcohol, caffeine, and sun exposure. The thick, semi-permeable or non-permeable nature of the cream strengthens your natural barrier, preventing water loss from your skin and locking in moisture. You may use moisture barrier cream as a preventative measure to protect your skin, or in response to wounds, irritation, or chafing. Selecting a cream that contains ingredients with healing properties can be useful if you have cracked skin, cuts, or a rash. You can apply it after your moisturizer to give your skin an added layer of protection.

How do I select the best barrier cream?

When picking a barrier cream, remember that it contains specific ingredients designed for healing that go beyond the functionality of a normal moisturizer or lotion. You also want to make sure, especially if you are using the barrier cream on sensitive skin like the vulvar skin, that the product contains only natural ingredients, and is created for this reason. Otherwise you may end up putting products with preservatives or harmful chemicals on your most sensitive skin which can cause more harm than good. Watch out for products that contain zinc oxide and are dermatologist-approved. The cream should contain all natural ingredients. You should avoid fragrances and artificial ingredients that can make skin irritation worse, such as petroleum, parabens, or preservatives. On the other hand, coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax are examples of all natural ingredients that combine to create a nourishing, antibacterial shield in conjunction with zinc oxide.

Who should use zinc oxide barrier cream?

This product is all-natural and safe for anyone to use. While you should use caution and avoid getting the cream in your eyes or inside the vagina, feel free to apply on the external parts of your body as needed. If you experience an incontinence rash, you may want to use all-natural pads alongside the barrier cream to maximize your comfort and reduce skin irritation. Individuals with chronic skin conditions, such as eczema, may benefit from the enhanced protection of a moisture barrier cream. However, you should always consult your doctor before adopting it into your daily skincare routine. 


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