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What's in a Name?

Attn: Grace

We often get asked about our name —how it came to be and what it means.

The personal care industry for women as we age is anything but personal, which is why when it came to our name we wanted to be meaningfully different. As the first skin-safe personal care brand specifically for women as we age, we needed to signal change, and that started with our name — Attn: Grace.

"Attn:" speaks to this singular focus. There are plenty of brands for younger women. This brand is for us.

Who is "Grace"? She's our archetypal woman. She is both the singular woman that we exist to serve, as well as representative of all of us as a collective - a vibrant community of older women that deserve to be seen, catered to, and celebrated.

And just like that, our brand was born. Our mission will always be for the good of all of us, and your needs will always have our Attn:

Mia + Alex
Co-Founders, Attn: Grace

PS. Have you heard about our original muse? Meet Eileen — Mia’s mom.