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What is Postpartum?

What is Postpartum? - Attn:Grace

What is postpartum?

Postpartum refers to the period after childbirth, when your body will experience a variety of changes as you recover from the physical and psychological stress of childbirth. Physical changes to your body are to be expected due to rapid changes in hormones and the drastic shifts your body will go through. It is crucial to take complete rest in the days and weeks after childbirth as your body heals. During this time, you will likely experience body aches, fatigue, and heavy bleeding for a few days. To care for your body, you should acquire some postpartum care essentials, like postpartum pads, and consult a medical professional who can advise you on a proper diet and behavioral adjustments so that you can recover quickly. 

What supplies do I need for my postpartum care kit?

You should stock up on postpartum essentials ahead of time. The most important products include postpartum pads, briefs, or liners, as well as disposable underwear and painkillers. Postpartum pads are especially designed to absorb the heavy bleeding and vaginal discharge you will experience immediately after childbirth, and you may opt for briefs or liners if you have a heavier or lighter flow. Be sure to change your pads every couple of hours at first, and you can reduce the frequency as your flow lightens. Painkillers can be used for body aches and other discomfort, but be sure to alert a medical professional if you experience painful pressure in your vagina or other persistent discomfort, as this could indicate potential medical complications that require medical attention.

What is postpartum incontinence?

Because of the enormous stress your pelvic floor muscles endure during childbirth, you are likely to experience muscle weakness during postpartum that may lead to bladder leaks. These may be constant, or may occur when you laugh or sneeze. This is very normal postpartum, and pads can help you manage your leaks. However, you should also seek out the professional help of a pelvic floor specialist, which you can find at this directory. They can show you the proper technique for kegels and other exercises to strengthen your muscles, mitigate bladder leaks, and accelerate your overall recovery. A doctor may also be able to suggest abdominal exercises to help your core muscles recover. You should not start exercising immediately after childbirth, and should ask a doctor when it is safe to adopt a moderately strenuous exercise routine.

What can I do to help with fatigue?

Fatigue is a normal experience postpartum. You should delegate tasks like meal prep and caring for your baby to friends and family to the extent possible immediately after childbirth. Aside from the physical exertion of childbirth itself, changes in your hormonal levels and blood loss are responsible for making you feel more tired. Aside from lots of sleep, you should stay hydrated and eat a diet full of nutrients and vitamins. Ask your doctor about using painkillers to help you rest. Do not feel pressure to recover quickly. Everybody’s body is different, and you may require more time than others to heal. Go at your own pace, and don’t hesitate to seek out professional help.


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