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The Why Behind Our B Corp™ Designation

The Why Behind Our B Corp™ Designation

You’ve probably seen it before: The big “B” insignia that appears on some of your favorite products. Across all categories, B Corp certification is a way that a company can demonstrate an above-and-beyond commitment to transparent and sustainable business practices. 

Though it’s becoming more common, we wanted to share a bit more about this certification and why Attn: Grace went through the rigorous process to attain it in 2022. What better time than now, as we wrap up March, which (who knew?) is B Corp Month? And what better person to sit down with for this one than our Co-Founder, Alexandra Fennell. Let’s get into it! 

Q: Take us back two years. Why did Attn: Grace take the plunge to pursue B Corp™ status?

Alex: At the highest level, we’ve always seen Attn: Grace as an opportunity to create positive change. Certainly for women living with urinary incontinence, but also within the larger industry that produces absorbent hygiene products. We also knew–really from the moment the idea behind Attn: Grace was born–that we only wanted to go down this path if we could design products that were better performing and better for our bodies and gentler on our planet. Getting our B Corp Certification was always a core part of that vision. 

Q: What should people know about B Corps™?

A: That B logo signifies that a company has undergone the rigorous assessment process run by B Labs (the organization behind B Corp certification) and has been found to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. It is a months-long, intensive review and frankly pretty laborious. But the result is that customers can know that when they shop with and support B Corps, they are backing brands that are genuinely dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. 

Hopefully, this instills confidence that their purchasing decisions align with their values. As a consumer, it can be hard to know if the company you’re patronizing is operating ethically and supporting the greater good. The standards that B Corps are held to help clarify who is – and who may not be.
Q: Tell us what it looks like to embody the B Corp™ mantra of using business as a force for good.

A: Our customers write in all the time telling us how our products are changing their lives for the better. From women who share that they are finally able to live comfortably again, without the painful skin irritation the chemicals used in the conventional products were causing, to hearing stories about women no longer getting UTIs, sleeping better, feeling more confident, exercising and socializing more–the list goes on. 

That all ties back to how we’ve designed our products, the ingredients we’ve chosen to use, and, just as importantly, the ingredients we’ve chosen not to use. Beyond our products, our customers also really appreciate our responsive approach to support them and the resources we work hard to provide, both here on the blog and in our Resource Library.  

Q: What other companies inspire you with how they emphasize transparency and prioritize impact?

A: Without a doubt, my personal favorite is Beauty Counter–a cosmetics company dedicated to providing safer skincare and makeup products while advocating for stricter regulations in the beauty industry to ensure consumer safety. Gregg Renfrew, their founder, was and is a true pioneer in the clean beauty space. 
Their commitment to cleaner, transparent sourcing of ingredients and eliminating potentially harmful ingredients still found in many consumer packaged goods, definitely inspires how we think about building an impactful brand within the incontinence space. 

Q: How does the B Corp™ frame of mind inspire the way Attn: Grace develops new products?

A: Incorporating the highest-performing, most sustainable ingredients possible into our products without compromising on performance is non-negotiable for us. We are constantly looking for opportunities to incrementally decrease the environmental footprint our products leave behind.

This is imperative in all categories, but particularly here where we are dealing with single-use, disposable products. By way of a few examples, we use plant-based polyethylene throughout our products in place of petroleum-based polyethylene. We also use FSC Certified, sustainably forested tree pulp in place of chemical-based synthetics, and all of our factories are Certified Carbon Neutral.  Our industry has a long way to go but we’ve found numerous ways to create more sustainable products without compromising performance, which is obviously critical in this category.  
We also really strive to give women living with urinary incontinence a voice and a meaningful seat at our table. We developed both of our last two new product launches (our Ultimate Pads back in 2021 and our Heavy Plus Pads just this month) in direct response to feedback from our customers. Really listening to our customers and taking their feedback to heart is a big part of our ethos as a brand. 

As B Corp month comes to a close, we are so proud to share the story of this work with you. Thank you for supporting our commitment to using business as a force for good. We couldn’t do it without you.