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Normalize This

Normalize aging

Dear Friends,

We built this brand to launch both a movement and a marketplace. Our mission was and is to destigmatize aging for women. We believe in a world where women are seen and celebrated as we age, but the truth is, as a society, we have a long way to go.

Our New Year’s resolution is to normalize the honest experience that is life as we age, as women. For us, that means bravely talking about life as a continued multidimensional experience, shattering antiquated notions of what’s relevant to an “older woman”. It’s about encouraging openness about the journey, and inspiring empathy, connection and community through heartfelt conversations. 

Introducing our ‘Normalize This’ content series. 

Each month this year, we will focus on a different “taboo”, to provoke thought, spark conversation, and, as always, remind us all that we are not alone on this journey.

From sex and intimacy to business and entrepreneurship, to living alone and even CBD, we’re going there, ladies... And we absolutely cannot wait for you to join us.

2020 brought incredible tragedy that was met with epic levels of resilience and resolve. Know that we see and celebrate every one of you as we look ahead to a happier, brighter new year.


Mia and Alex


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Do you have a topic you’d love to normalize? Shoot us a line at We’d love to hear it.