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We had to laugh.

We had to laugh.

Is it just us or do we have the funniest fans around? Reading through our reviews, we love seeing your collective sense of humor is alive and well, and coming through in rave recommendations to everyone you know – literally. Even your enemies! 

"This is the most comfortable disposable incontinence underwear I have ever worn. I would recommend Attn. Grace to anyone, friends, family, or foe. Price is competitive, but the quality has yet to be found elsewhere. An excellent product, plain and simple!"

Truth is, incontinence isn’t usually a laughing matter, but we seem to have succeeded in making products that leave some of you feel surprisingly giddy, and we love it! 

"How can one love such an item as an incontinence garment? Well, you have succeeded. They are so soft that one wants to put them up to their face and just sort of snuggle with them. Yes, I did just that.”

Hey, if you want to snuggle one of our pads, we won’t tell! Some of the things you all share have us in stitches at our desks – like this reviewer, who hilariously captured an experience we all know too well.

"Your products are the best I have ever used and I have used quite a few. I like how they fit; they stay close to my body and don't drag like a diaper. That dragging sensation is so gross and I end up walking like I've just gotten off a horse after a 20-mile ride."

Watch out, Lucy and Joan! Joining the ranks of female comedy icons is this reviewer, who wasn’t afraid to hold back in her first-person account. 

"So, I can admit my hoo-haw is sensitive! I've been using [another brand of] pads for years, but recently have developed a skin irritation to the dyes on their product. So with that, I've been shopping around for an all-natural covered pad, which will allow my lady bits to breathe! I noticed from the first pad, that my body did not react as it had in the past with the other brand, instead, it was like ooo nice! None of that gets stuck because of a reaction, no soreness or rubbing you the wrong way. Instead, it was like putting on a soft fluffy cloud. I do make sure to change it a couple of times during the day, but that is just good hoo-haw hygiene! Gotta keep her happy."

(Have a sensitive hoo-haw yourself? Shop right this way).

One of our favorite aspects of your funny retellings is the element of surprise. Nothing makes us happier than hearing about how we blew away your expectations.

"When I opened the mailed package, I laughed and said, "There is no way a pad that thin can handle my nighttime problem."  But I was wrong, and am happy to say I feel secure about crawling into bed worry-free for the night."

In the end, sometimes it’s just your sheer enthusiasm that makes us grin. 

"Ladies, trust me… I am 70 years old and these pads and wipes are FAABUULOUS!!!!"

Thanks for the laughs, and if you’ve made a recent purchase, help us out by leaving a review (no comedy experience required). It truly helps us do our job better and we love to hear from you. 

Until next time, keep laughing. You’re protected.