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The Pee-conomics of Incontinence

The Pee-conomics of Incontinence

If you’re reading this post, chances are good you know all too well that the costs of incontinence care can add up. And if you’re living on a fixed income, as most of us do later in life, the cost of care can become even more burdensome.  

Not so fun fact: the average American woman living with urinary incontinence spends upwards of $750 a year on physical products to support her incontinence care. Depending on her individual needs, those supplies might include liners, pads, briefs, wipes, barrier creams, and bed pads. Beyond those more direct costs, if your pads or briefs fail, for instance, by leaking, there are the added costs of doing additional laundry, perhaps paying for dry cleaning or having to buy special cleaning supplies. And that, of course, doesn’t account for the very real toll that having a product fail can take on our emotional well-being. 

When you’re navigating incontinence care and choosing which products to use, there are other factors to consider, too. What would you pay, for example, to get an uninterrupted night of sleep? Or to be able to go to the movies,out to dinner with friends or on a road trip without worrying about having a leak in public?  

Attn: Grace products are designed using the highest-performing, most sustainable materials possible, and are engineered to provide optimal comfort, keep you drier longer, and support better skin health. Many of our customers also tell us that since they’ve made the switch from conventional drug store brands to Attn: Grace, they are using fewer pads and losing less time and money doing laundry. 

As you consider how much you’re spending on your incontinence care, we invite you to think about these considerations:

- If you’re using a lower-quality product, you’re likely changing your pad more frequently than you would need to with a higher-quality pad. 

- If your pads or briefs are irritating your skin, the irritation may make you feel like you need to change your pad more often than you would with a pad that is soft and gentle on your skin.

- If your pad or briefs stay wet or damp after one leak, or you feel like you need to immediately change or risk overflow, you may want to consider trying a higher-quality pad. Attn: Grace products are specifically engineered so the top layer stays dry and continues to support your skin health even after you’ve had a leak. 

And if you’re curious about how our products are able to out-perform so many others you may be used to using, here are a few fun facts:

- As an independent business and Certified B Corp., we hold ourselves to the very highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. 

- As part of that commitment, we have meticulously built out a best-in-class supply chain, sourcing only the cleanest, highest-performing ingredients possible and allowing us to bring you products that are high-performing, gentle on your skin, and better for the planet. 

- Equally as important as the ingredients we do source is our commitment to never (ever) using over 1,600 chemicals that have been banned from consumer packaged goods in the EU but that remain largely unregulated in the United States.

You can’t put a price on the confidence that comes with being able to live life leak-free. But because this is a blog about pee-conomics, we thought we should close by sharing a few tried-and-true ways to save on Attn: Grace products:

- Purchase your favorites using an FSA/HSA account to use up those pre-tax dollars.

- Subscribe to save 10% on every delivery, simple as that. Shop any product to start a subscription box.

- Take advantage of our everyday Free Shipping on orders $45+ (including subscription orders $45+).

- Shop us on shelf at a Walmart near you to avoid shipping altogether and enjoy Walmart’s Everyday Low Price Guarantee. Find a Walmart that stocks Attn: Grace near you.

- Shop our sales! Our everyday value is so great that we don’t have them often, but keeping up with our emails and following us on our social channels are the best ways to stay in the know when we do have a sale. 

When we hear from longtime Attn: Grace users, we sometimes notice that their perception of cost and value has changed as they’ve experienced the benefits of using a higher-quality product. They say things like “Attn: Grace is my favorite now in terms of comfort, performance and price” (that’s from Alice B.), and Dianne G. shares that the “Price is competitive, but the quality has yet to be found elsewhere.” 

If you haven’t tried our products yet, we invite you to experience the difference a more thoughtfully designed incontinence product can make to your quality of life and overall health and well-being. And you just might find that you’ll save some money, time, and energy, too. 

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