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Rest, Introspection, Empathy

Self Love Activities

If you’re celebrating or reading about the Lunar New Year right now, you know that the Year of the Rabbit* is upon us, presenting a lot of possibility for prosperity, flourishing, and peace.

If a year of tranquil energy sounds utterly blissful to you, we’re wholeheartedly with you. Regardless of what traditions you observe, we can all benefit from thoughtful rest, introspection, and empathy. Use the following prompts to help identify a path to inner and outer peace.

- Be gentle and compassionate with yourself. Take time for meaningful self care, finding practices or routines that genuinely feel restorative.

- Big picture: take stock of where you are and how you’re feeling. What can you learn from what’s felt nourishing in the past, and what’s felt depleting. Pay attention to your instinctive wisdom and identify what it is you need in life to thrive.

- Be sensitive to your inner alchemy. Where might you need extra attention, healing, or rest?

- Make a plan for how you could refine your life and lifestyle in a way that helps you manifest a better, more viscerally rewarding future.


*Note: The Vietnamese zodiac differs this year — it is their year of the cat.