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Our favorite movies (and accessories) of the season.

Our favorite movies (and accessories) of the season.

What gets you in the spirit? For us, it’s when the holiday movies start playing 24/7 and we know every single word by heart. From the oldies-but-goodies to the new favorites to the cheesy romances, we love a cozy moment -- especially if it makes us laugh. But ... laugh a little, leak a little. Laugh a lot, well, you know.

Here are some of our holiday favorites you’ll find us watching this year, and the Attn: Grace products we trust to get us through with plenty of laughs and none of the leaks!

Love Actually 

One of our all-time favorites, not just at the holidays! With a spectacular ensemble cast including Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant, and absolute icons Laura Linney and Emma Thompson, we have to watch this movie at least once every December. For the perfect blend of comedy and drama, it only makes sense to pair with our double-duty Hybrid Pads.

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8 Crazy Nights

Not your average animated Christmas classic! This Hanukkah comedy breaks out of the mainstream holiday animation mold with a distinctly adult sense of humor and a heartfelt redemption story – at least as heartfelt as Adam Sandler can be. Featuring the now infamous “Hanukkah Song,” this one warrants our Heavy Pads to stay dry through the final musical number.

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A Christmas Story

The ultimate choice for a Christmas Day movie marathon deserves our Ultimates, which will keep you feeling dry hour after “leg lamp” hour. No matter how many times we see Ralphie's bunny suit or hear "you'll shoot your eye out", we still keep this one in rotation every year.

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Miracle on 34th Street (the original, obviously!)

This 1947 classic has a lot to thank for its enduring popularity, but not because it’s a laughing riot. More than likely your eyes will be leaking more than your bladder, but a little coverage in the form of our liners will keep you comfortable in case of any unexpected sneezes. 

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In one of the most quotable movies of the 21st century, Will Ferrell has us cackling for 96 minutes straight as Buddy – the lone human raised among Santa’s Elves. Maybe it’s SNL-alum Ferrell’s slapstick physical humor, or maybe it’s the four main elf food groups (candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup), but we don’t trust ourselves with anything less than maximum coverage when watching this one. 

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When Harry Met Sally

The film that brought us the iconic line “I’ll have what she’s having” makes our list for the (under-represented) New Year’s Eve film category. Written by the incomparable Nora Ephron (we bow down!), we’re of the opinion that When Harry Met Sally is one of the most perfect rom-coms out there. This year, we’ll watch it rocking Moderates and quietly thank Meg Ryan for being an icon of the shag haircut.

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Movie nights are such a fun way to enjoy family time during the holidays, but staying comfortable and protected from leaks is a priority, no matter how big the laughs are. We’ve got you! As always, reach out [link mailto:] to us anytime if you need any help choosing the right product for your needs.