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Our 5 Top Tips for a Leak-Free Holiday Season

Our 5 Top Tips for a Leak-Free Holiday Season

In this season of festive traditions and gatherings with loved ones, we’re thinking of the many customers who tell us about the events they’ve missed out on due to bladder leaks. It is our mission at Attn: Grace to create products that let you live all of life's moments, without leaks. Here are some of our best ideas for fiercely enjoying your holidays and keeping leaks at bay.

Change your routine, but keep your rituals

Travel and holiday obligations can throw off anyone’s schedule. However your routine changes, stay centered by honoring your self-care rituals – whether that’s your morning walk, evening journaling, or a meditative skin care routine. 
Even your bathroom routine can be a built-in reset every couple of hours. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a few deep breaths, treat yourself with a nice lotion or body oil after washing your hands, and regroup before heading back into the fray.

Remember cold weather can aggravate your bladder

Does it ever seem like you have to pee more when you’re out in the cold? Chilly days can agitate overactive bladders in part because we tend to ‘tense up’ in the cold, and our bladders get squeezed, too. More urge often means more leaks, so if you’re planning an ice skating or snow shoeing excursion, bundle up. This is your official permission to visit the warming hut early and often. 

Think ahead (a little bit)

If you worry about bladder leaks, a little planning ahead could help a great deal – but try not to stress yourself out. 

- If driving, plan on frequent, proactive rest stops. Don’t wait until you feel the urge only to find the closest rest area is miles away.

- If you’re flying, book an aisle seat near the restroom. Be sure to pack any pads you use in an accessible place in your carry-on. And make friends with the crew members! It’s not always obvious when it’s OK to get up to use the restrooms, but they can be your guide.

- For extra reassurance, consider using a pad with higher absorbency than your normally use (like our ultimates or briefs). Fearlessly belt out your favorite carols, knowing you are fully protected.

Nourish yourself with food and beverage.

You probably know that certain foods can aggravate the bladder – including holiday favorites like caffeine, chocolate, citrus, and alcohol, to name a few. Constipation can also cause you to have more leaks by adding pressure on your bladder. So, eat and drink mindfully to get the nutrition and hydration that you need and keep things running smoothly. And don’t hold back on the fluids – dehydration concentrates your pee, which irritates the bladder and makes leaks more likely.

Stock up and save with your FSA account

As we near the end of the year, take advantage of any remaining FSA funds to stock up on needed supplies. Incontinence supplies including pads, liners, and skin barrier creams are all eligible FSA expenses. Stock up on your products in our shop [linkto: Shop all] so you don’t lose that money. 
Have lots to remember, from shopping lists to a busy social calendar? You can put your Attn: Grace favorites on auto-renew and you’ll never run out.

From all of us at Attn:Grace, we wish you a happy holiday season. And as always, send an email to if you have any questions about staying leak-free from now til’ the new year, and beyond!