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Incontinence Products Covered by Medicare

Does medicare cover incontinence supplies? Does medicare pay for incontinence supplies?

A: Medicare typically does not cover incontinence suppliesTheir website states that patients will pay for 100% of incontinence supplies like pads and adult diapers. However, in some states Medicare Advantage is covered by private insurance. Those private insurances sometimes have plans that will cover the supplies. Supplies are limited and vary by plan - the best way to find out if you can get Medicare to cover, or reimburse you for incontinence supplies, is to ask your provider directly. If you have a supplemental plan you may have coverage as well. 

Q: Does blue cross blue shield cover incontinence supplies?

A: It is possible that your Blue Cross Blue Shield plan may cover incontinence supplies. For example BCBS Medicaid will cover up to $180 of incontinence supplies for adults each month. BCBS Medicaid will also cover underpads if billed together with incontinence garments. Some Medicare Advantage plans will also cover incontinence supplies, especially if your Medicare is through BCBS. Otherwise, when it comes to BCBS, it will depend on your specific plan and state. The best way to find out if your BCBS plan covers, or will reimburse you for, incontinence products is to give your healthcare provider a call and ask. 

Q: Does medicaid cover incontinence supplies? Does Florida Medicaid cover incontinence supplies?

A: Yes, frequently Medicaid does cover incontinence supplies. While most medicaid plans will cover incontinence supplies, it does ultimately depend on your state. However odds are good that your state is accommodating as 45 out of the 50 states cover incontinence products. This includes Texas, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, and California, to name a few. You can look at each state’s coverage guide, which is generally easy to find online, in order to determine if your incontinence supplies will be covered. Though there are varying requirements by state, for example the requirement for a doctor recommendation to be eligible for reimbursement. 

Q: Does an FSA cover incontinence supplies? Are incontinence supplies FSA eligible?

A: An FSA is a flexible spending account — an account in which you can put money monthly out of pocket to use on medical expenses including supplies, deductibles, copays, etc. This money is not taxed if it is designated to be put aside. Generally incontinence products, such as pads, briefs, etc., can be reimbursed with your FSA. It is true that an FSA often will cover medical costs that private insurance will not, including a larger selection of incontinence supplies. You are more likely to qualify for reimbursement if you can prove that your incontinence supplies are for a diagnosed condition by way of a Letter of Medical Necessity from a doctor. You may be denied reimbursement for products such as briefs due to the fact that they treat only ‘general health’ needs. However, it does depend on your specific program. Be sure to keep your receipts when you buy your incontinence supplies as you may be asked for proof of purchase in order to get reimbursement. 


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