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How to Use Barrier Cream

Barrier Creams

How do I use barrier cream?

To maximize protection, you should apply ultra repair barrier cream after your lotion or moisturizer so that it can lock in the benefits of all your products. Try not to apply it too liberally, starting with a pea-sized amount. Dispense the cream onto your palms and rub it in the palm of your hands to warm it up using small, circular motions. The cream should quickly warm up and soften into a gentle, nourishing texture. Use your fingertips to gently apply the cream to the affected area, taking caution to avoid your eyes and the inside of your vagina. Attn: Grace’s All Natural Barrier Cream is designed for external use around your most sensitive pelvic and genital skin, but can be used anywhere on your body. The non-greasy cream should absorb quickly into your skin, creating a nourishing shield that soothes and protects. You should not have to reapply the cream until the next day.

Let’s take a step back, What is barrier cream?

A vital part of your skincare routine, an ultra repair barrier cream is applied to the skin to maximize hydration and promote healing. It can restore skin that is at-risk due to excessive dryness (due to harsh cleansers or dry climates) or prolonged wetness (from urine or sweat). By forming a thick barrier between your skin and the environment, this cream strengthens your skin’s natural layer of protection while healing cracks, rashes, or scrapes. You can apply it preventatively, or in response to wounds, irritation, or chafing. People choose to use barrier cream when experiencing incontinence rashes, excessive sweating, cracked skin, and more.

How do barrier creams for skin breakdown work?

The best barrier cream will contain all-natural ingredients with healing properties to soothe and nourish your skin. Zinc oxide is a critical ingredient that works as a very common topical protectant with antiseptic properties. Zinc particles act as a strong shield that aids in the skin’s natural repair process for dried skin and wounds while guarding the skin from moisture and unwanted bacteria. It also dries out excess oil to restore the skin’s natural balance. Other ingredients, including kaolin clay, gently draw out toxins and remove contaminants, while coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter all deeply hydrate and soothe the skin. 

What is incontinence barrier cream?

If you experience urinary incontinence, an ultra repair barrier cream is especially important for you to use. Constant exposure to irritating fluids such as urine can cause skin breakdown. When urine makes contact with skin near the genitals, buttocks, and perineum it may cause an uncomfortable rash over a period of time Certain pads and briefs, especially those with synthetic ingredients, may also cause chafing against the skin. While dermatologist-approved Incontinence pads can help with this, an ultra repair barrier cream can be a highly effective way to care for your sensitive skin by creating a protective film on the surface of your body. Vaginal soothing cream is specifically designed for sensitive pelvic and genital skin, and can help both with chaffing and the prolonged wetness you may be experiencing. 


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