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How is aging skin different?

How is aging skin different?

We believe in getting better with age, but as we all know, some things change along the way— including our skin. The rate at which your skin ages is individual and is impacted by external factors (like UV exposure, diet, and exercise) as well as natural changes in our bodies, such as declining production of proteins like collagen. As a result of these changes, most women over 40 have at least one treatable skin complaint. And, if we’re being honest, a lot of us have many more. 

Here at Attn: Grace, we talk a lot about our Skin-Safe™ Promise. We’re obsessed with creating products that are safe for all skin, including our skin as it ages and evolves (and we’re not just talking about those beautiful fine lines).

Aging Skin is Thinner.

The thickness of our skin decreases by about 6.4% per decade, making it more fragile and sensitive to irritants as time goes by, even if you didn’t have sensitive skin before. You already know that urine is an irritant, which is why absorbent incontinence products that keep your skin dry are so important. 

At the same time, if you’re using pads or briefs that have artificial fragrances, dyes, phthalates, bleach or other harsh chemicals, you’re adding more potential irritants to the mix. For these and so many other reasons, Attn: Grace never (ever) uses chemicals like these and so many others. 

Read more about our Never-Ever ingredients.

Aging Skin Takes Longer to Recover.

After becoming irritated, older skin needs more time to regenerate and recover than when you were younger. (Sigh add it to the list!) Inflammation can also last longer and healing isn’t as efficient. If you are experiencing skin discomfort or if you want a little extra protection, our barrier cream is an excellent, talc-free option to guard against prolonged wetness or support your skin if it is recovering from an irritant or injury. On the other hand, we also love our barrier cream for protecting your skin against excessive dryness, sometimes caused by harsh cleansers or dry climates.

Aging Skin is Dryer

The lipid barrier in your skin is one way our bodies ensure that moisture stays in and the outside world stays out. As we age, that lipid barrier isn’t quite as effective, leading to skin that needs more help staying well-moisturized. Our body oil is specifically designed for the needs of older skin, formulated with a blend of natural oils that help boost collagen production and provide antioxidant protection without fragrances, mineral oil, or preservatives. 

Aging Skin Needs Our Promise

From day one, we’ve worked with dermatologists to create products that are safe for contact with all aging skin. We’ve also taken the additional step of becoming the only incontinence brand in the United States to receive the Dermatest® seal of approval, which independently tests and verifies the safety of our products on your skin.

Our Skin-Safe Promise™ is our pledge to protect the skin you’re in.

No Petroleum
No Artificial Fragrance
No Preservatives
No Synthetic Dyes
No Parabens
No Mineral Oil
No Phthalates
Dermatologist Tested & Approved

If it looks like it takes a whole lot of ‘no’s’ to get a yes from us, it’s true. Because you deserve the very best.

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