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Sweat-Tested, Kemma-Approved

Naturally Fresh Deodorant

9am: Deodorant Arrives
This is the first time I’ve seen this new product in-person. First impression is that it is a good size, it feels substantial in your hand and has some good weight to it. This is such a small detail, but it is just nice when a product fits nicely in your hand! It makes you want to use it, right?

10am: Unboxing
There were many customer calls this morning, so it took me a while to finally sit down with the product. I got the Lavender Scented Deodorant (as opposed to unscented), and it REALLY smells like lavender in the best way. I don’t know if I have ever had a deodorant that actually smelled like something so natural before (I have used a lot of Dove in the past, and while it smells nice, it doesn’t smell natural, per se). I didn’t know you COULD simply smell like pure lavender! It’s awesome. My partner gave it a sniff as well and is equally impressed. He asks me if he can wear it sometimes. We shall see :)

10:15 am:  First Application
Truthfully, I have never used natural deodorant before, so this is a new experience. It is definitely a different texture from your conventional deodorants, it has a little more ‘grip’ to the skin, but goes on smooth. Hm, I guess I didn’t realize how ‘chemically’ my other version felt, compared to this. It’s hard to describe but it just feels nice! As opposed to the gel or paste of traditional deodorant, it feels more like applying a balm (makes sense, as beeswax and shea butter are major ingredients) to your skin. My underarms feel moisturized and supple. It just feels safer, somehow? I like how simple it is. 
11:45AM:  Putting the Deo to test, Part 1: Yoga
Okay, off to do 20 minutes of yoga - let’s see if this holds up. 
Everytime I get into downward dog I get a whiff of lavender, a plus! 

12:15 PM:  Check in
Totally sweat approved! I did a covert sniff after yoga, and the lavender scent is still intact! My underarms feel protected and there is no sweat smell at all. 

6:30PM:  Putting Deo to the Test, Part 2: High Intensity Interval Training
Okay, today’s been busy and rather stressful, but I’m finally ready to finish up my exercise regimen with a high intensity workout (for a real sweat test). Let’s see how our deodorant does as we step things up!

8 PM:  Verdict
Well, I am exhausted, and I am super impressed. Honestly, I doubted that a “Natural Deodorant” could actually be effective and long-lasting, but this deodorant has proved me wrong. The strong lavender scent faded a bit by the end of the workout, but my armpits were still totally fresh. There was no irritation or lack of comfort (in fact, the deodorant seemed to have a sort of soothing effect?). Totally sweat-approved! 

All in all, I’m a huge fan of this deodorant, I genuinely got excited this morning to put it on (when is the last time any personal care product made me feel that way?). Human-approved, sweat-tested, and sweat conquered! Now to go buy some for my partner, so he’ll stop trying to use mine!