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Celebrating Our Good Housekeeping 2024 Best Sustainable Innovation Award

Celebrating Our Good Housekeeping 2024 Best Sustainable Innovation Award

In thrilling news this week, Attn: Grace was one of just a few powerhouse brands selected as a Good Housekeeping 2024 Sustainable Innovation Awards Winner. This award is the culmination of more than six months of rigorous evaluation by the team at the Good Housekeeping Institute. Contenders are assessed based on a long list of sustainability criteria and meticulous real-life testing to ensure the selected winners deliver a truly amazing product experience in all the ways that matter most: performance, quality, durability, ease of use, comfort, and more. 

Good Housekeeping concluded that Attn: Grace’s Pads offer a “super product in comparison to others in the market segment” and recognized Attn: Grace for embracing a people, purpose and planet approach to sustainability, all without sacrificing quality and transparency."  The Good Housekeeping Institute also gave a shout-out to our status as a Certified B Corp™, citing it as “a testament to the attention to [our] environmental and social responsibility.”  It feels so good to be seen! 

From the moment the idea behind Attn: Grace was born, our goal has been to provide women with high-performing products that deliver best-in-class absorption, retention, and comfort while also leaving a smaller environmental footprint than conventional drug store incontinence brands.  We're deeply honored to be recognized by the Good Housekeeping Institute for doing exactly that. We are so proud to be proving that it is absolutely possible to design and develop products that are both exceptionally high-performing and more sustainable. And we’re even prouder to be leading this change in the incontinence space – an aspect of women’s health that, as we all know all too well, has never received the kind of attention it deserves.  

Though the Sustainable Innovation Awards launched just five years ago, The Good Housekeeping Institute has a lengthy history as a product tastemaker for the domestic set. Today, these awards serve as a beacon of trust for consumers worldwide, guiding them towards products that not only meet their needs but also align with their values and aspirations. Their first reviews appeared in 1900 when a panel of scientific experts convened to test products in categories like “Foods and Cookery” (a term we’ll definitely be using in our own kitchens going forward). Over time, the testing panels expanded their focus to include all products relating to how we care for our homes, and slowly but surely the Good Housekeeping name became a symbol of trust and a sought-after vote of confidence for consumers. 

In honor of our honor, we wanted to share a few fun facts about Good Housekeeping – an organization that continues to evolve with the times at nearly 140 years old.

- In the early days of the Experimentation Station at the Good Housekeeping Institute, panels tested novelties like early washing machines, gas ranges, and electric irons long before they were in every home.

- Though only a couple thousand products bear the Good Housekeeping Seal now, an estimated 500,000 products have had it since its inception 115 years ago. For comparison, only a few dozen companies have received their Sustainability Innovation Award.

- Dolly Parton personally has a Good Housekeeping seal and is the only individual to earn it – ever!

- Before the existence of modern consumer protection agencies like the Food and Drug Administration, Good Housekeeping was a whistleblower helping consumers know about products that were impure – like contaminated baby formula or tainted candy.

The world has changed so much over the lengthy history of Good Housekeeping, but its celebration of modern women (from Judy Garland to Michelle Obama) has remained. As a recipient of their 2024 Sustainable Innovation Award, we hope that our mission and products will reach and resonate with even more women who deserve incontinence care that’s better performing, better for our bodies, and better for our planet. 

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