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Behind the Scenes with Attn: Grace

Behind the Scenes

Hello! Leila here, Head of Brand and Culture at Attn: Grace. Last week we brought together five extraordinary women for a photoshoot over two days, and though I’m exhausted (it takes a whole different kind of stamina to do that kind of work, and in a world “post” Covid, it’s been a while since I’ve had an opportunity like this), my heart is absolutely full.

On day 1, we mingled and introduced ourselves, making small talk and sharing peeks into our lives in between takes. 

On day 2 of the shoot, as is often the case, everyone arrived as friends having already bonded the day before. In the afternoon, on our lunch break, we chatted. But this time it was much more intimate. We talked about bladder leaks. And, surprise surprise, we had all experienced them. Without revealing names, I thought I’d share some of these stories here.

- Since recovering from Covid in January, “R” has suffered from an incurable cough that has led to unexpected leaks.

- “K” explained that she noticed that when she had a full bladder, she no longer had the ability to hold it for very long. “I finally understood what my mother meant when she’d say ‘I have to go to the bathroom, but right away.’” She was always rushed and panicked, and now I understand what she was going through.” M looked up some exercises on the internet that helped her overcome her leaks.

- “M” shared that she has long dealt with an overactive bladder.

- “B” explained that now if she gets up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, she is unable to go back to sleep. She’d love to try our products to see if they might help her get an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

- “S” mentioned that 3 of her cousins experience bladder leaks after having kids, often listing the numerous activities she can no longer do because of her leaks.

- Lastly, “B” told a story that was absolutely heartbreaking. She was once on the train and saw a woman experience a significant leak. Her pee came running down her leg and onto the floor. A group of school-age boys noticed and sat there, laughing at her without an ounce of discretion or compassion. Absolutely mortified, the woman literally pulled her coat up over her head in shame, hiding in plain sight from their ridicule.

              If reading this moved you, then you’re not alone. We sat there heartbroken for that poor woman on the train, commiserating about what a shame it is that no one ever really talks about “a problem that we all go through.” These stories are exactly why we do what we do at Attn: Grace. We are on a mission to destigmatize our changing bodies. We want women to talk to their doctors and explore what treatment might be right for them. We want women to live their life fully and with more confidence. 

              Ladies, if you’re reading this, we cannot thank you enough for an amazing two days. Thank you for your time, your talent, and your openness to share your own experiences with us. Welcome to the Attn: Grace family.