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Bathleisure - The Trend We All Needed

Bathleisure - The Trend We All Needed

Let’s set the stage: You’re fresh from the bath or shower, glistening in body oil, and now your cozy robe/towel combo seems impossible to change out of. Getting ready for the day or even popping on pajamas for the evening is not happening. Good news: that feeling is being rebranded as a delightful self-care trend known as bathleisure.

It all started when pop singer Rihanna graced the cover of British Vogue wearing her hair wrapped in a terry cloth towel, inspiring others to share their take on the trend. Next thing you know, runway models were wearing full-on bathrobes and towels on their heads. Initially a fashion statement, these days the bathleisure trend is less haute couture and more about viewing bath rituals as an important dimension of a well-rounded self-care routine.  

So why are we, an incontinence care brand, talking about this? Because when bladder leaks are something you live with, the bathroom often stops being a place of private sanctuary. Participating in the bathleisure trend might be a way of connecting back with the peacefulness of this space in your home, cultivating a feeling of welcome, and creating essential self-care habits that can help combat anxiety and depression. Try it this weekend as an early Valentine’s Day treat to yourself (or as the perfect excuse to try out our fan-favorite body oil.) Here are a few of our favorite ways to tap into this trend at home.

Saving your fancy candles or fluffiest bathrobe for a special occasion? Bathleisure is the trend that says today is special enough (Amen!) So light those wicks and fire up the towel warmer to make things as cozy as possible.

Then, reach for a few skin-friendly luxury bath products. The height of bathleisure is relaxation before and after your tub time, so you’ll want to seek out products that are non-irritating while you settle in for a long soak. If you’ve been here for long, you know all about our Skin-Safe Promise.

Products that have lots of perfumes or foaming agents can bother sensitive skin, while epsom salts with essential oils, oat-based bath oils, or products formulated for babies may be less irritating. Look for the Dermatest Seal (like the one on all of our packages!) to know which products have been tested for excellent skin tolerance. Now pour yourself a special beverage to sip while you let the stress of the day melt away, knowing that your skin and soul will both be soothed. Bonus points if you lay out your sassiest lounge set to complete the bathleisure bash.

Remember to rinse off to remove any residue at the end of your soak, and keep your time in the water to a few minutes at a time so you don’t dry your skin out. Post-bath robe time is unlimited! If you have any extra-dry or chafe-prone areas, our barrier cream is your new best friend and not just for the genital area.

One suggestion as a final word, if we may. While you may consider yourself a ‘pads’ woman, our briefs are decidedly non-diapery and are very compatible with wearing a robe for hours on end. This trend may be the perfect opportunity to give our briefs a try. All In the name of bathleisure, of course. Until next time, enjoy your sweet escape.