Guide to Our Bladder Leakage Products

Your simple, straight-shooting guide to our products, their different absorbencies and a glimpse into how they fit into the lives of some of our most loyal customers.


A soft, simple, barely there liner ideal for the lightest of bladder leakage. Immediately wicks away any drips and spurts of urine.

Holds ~3.5 tbsp of liquid.

what customers say

“So thin and soft that I forget that they are there—perfect just-in-case protection.”

“I wouldn't dare exercise without one of these on.”

Hybrid Pads

Meet one of our most popular bladder leakage solutions: A brilliant multi-tasker, as discreet as a liner but powerful enough to protect against drips and spurts of urine, as well as period blood.

Holds ~4 tbsp. of liquid.

what customers say

“Now that my period is lighter and unpredictable, I use these ultra-thin pads no matter what time of the month.”

“I use tampons during my period, and this thin pad is perfect for locking away unexpected leaks of all kinds—blood or urine.”

Moderate Pads

Meet one of our best-selling bladder leakage pads: With twice the absorbency of our liners, these pads offer lightning quick absorbency for bursts and surges of urine.

Holds ~7 tbsp. of liquid.

what customers say

“Liners just aren’t enough anymore, I need more protection in order to stay dry.”

“Immediately locks away wetness so that I’m never interrupted with an embarrassing leak anymore.”

Heavy Pads

Perfect for locking away surges and streams of urine, these bladder leakage pads are just as thin as our moderate pads, but are twice as absorbent and longer in length, offering you more protection in the back.

Holds ~13.5 tbsp. of liquid.

what customers say

“I needed maximum support, but wasn't ready for the world of briefs.”

“I use these during the day too, but the longer length makes them the perfect overnight pad as well.”


Ultra-thin but seriously powerful, our bladder leakage underwear are 2.5 times more absorbent than Heavy Pads, able to lock away streams and gushes of urine.

Holds ~2.5 cups of liquid.

what customers say

“I call these my ‘yoga pants’ because they are soft and breathable, and allow for incredible range of motion without irritation.”

“Just as absorbent as any overnight briefs, but less bulky and odor-less.”

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